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10 reasons why you should encourage staff to attend conferences

It may seem like a big loss of productivity to your business if staff happen to be absent from the office because they are attending a conference.  But perhaps it’s actually a blessing in disguise – here’s 10 top reasons why it’s actually a wise investment in both your business and your employees to attend conferences.


It’s either something people love or loathe, but regardless, networking is a great way to mix and mingle with likeminded people in your industry. Conferences are the ideal answer to gathering together groups of people with similar goals, so by having staff attend these events, they can meet key people in their profession who can either inspire them or assist them. Better yet, they might just even find themselves seated next to the biggest client they have ever landed! And fear not if you’re unsure about networking and the etiquette involved – you could even invest in classes for anxious staff before they attend, so that they get the most out of the conference and networking element.

Educational Benefits

It’s probably the most obvious benefit of all as to why you should send your staff to conferences – these events provide the perfect place for further education. By having employees attend these, you are ensuring they stay up-to-date or learn the latest offering relating to their job or marketplace. We all know knowledge is power, and conferences are jam-packed with education, designed to inspire and inform all participants.

Build Brand Awareness

Similar to networking (where you are basically promoting your personal brand), when staff attend conferences on behalf of your business, they are also building awareness of the business brand. By having team members representing you and your company, they are not only spreading the word about what you do and why, but they give an invaluable human face to your business, which will help build your business brand and profile.

Connect offline, instead of online

In this social media savvy world in which we live, we often have a plethora of connections across the many platforms we use in business. But instead of just following someone on LinkedIn and connecting online, conferences allow for a space to make your meetings offline. Face to face interactions are powerful and are bound to make for a longer lasting impression.

Find new suppliers

Sending staff to trade events and conferences could potentially save your business money. By meeting with suppliers who service your industry, you might be able to secure a cheaper deal for your business or solve a problem you’ve had with engaging the perfect contractor.  Conferences really do make for an an easy way to gather together a large group of people who all have similar businesses aligned, which will make shopping for suppliers a breeze.

Make a personal investment in your staff

It’s not called personal development for nothing, and attending conferences is a sure-fire way to invest in your staff’s knowledge and personal growth. While it might be a jaded, stale employee who you send off to an event, it’s more than likely a refreshed, reinvigorated staffer who returns, brimming with enthusiasm.

It’s a requirement

In some industries, such as accounting, it’s a mandatory requirement to keep up to date with your industry and any changes which take place. This “Personal Development” criteria can be far more easily met by attending these PD events to keep memberships valid and your industry knowledge up-to-date.

Inject inspiration into the work culture

Your staff will no doubt return from any event, workshop or conference with an abundance of fresh knowledge and likely, a burning desire to implement all of what they have learned. No doubt, with a spring in their step, they will be eager to impart this new-found wisdom and your business can only benefit from such an act.

A fresh location can bring a fresh perspective

As they say, a change is as good as a holiday! By removing staff out of the same, everyday location, and inject a new zest into them. Gone is the mundane 9-5 workday, replaced instead with a full day of learnings in a fun, new environment.

Reward your staff for a job well done

Finally, why not look at allowing your staff to attend conferences as a reward for all their hard work? By selecting a conference venue which offers not only ideal meeting spaces but also enviable holiday facilities, award winning restaurants and in a lovely location, your staff are sure to appreciate this gesture and repay you with an even greater level of productivity upon their return.

If you are looking for a suitable place to inspire your staff or gather together industry specialists, talk to our conference experts at Glen Erin today to see how we can assist in creating the perfect event for your employees and business.