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Celebrating a silver anniversary

A silver wedding anniversary is a big milestone as it celebrates 25 years of marriage. Other momentous ones are; Golden anniversary – for 50 years and Diamond anniversary – for 60 years.

Reaching 25 years of marriages is a very special milestone for most people, and one that should be marked with some kind of formal celebration. If you are planning your own silver anniversary, or one on behalf of someone else, here are some ideas for things you might like to do:

Renew your vows

What better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and 25 years with your soul mate than by going back to where it all began – the wedding day. It can be as big as you want, with family and friends invited to celebrate with you, or small and intimate with just yourself and your partner. Book a romantic venue, perhaps somewhere with accommodation so you can make a whole weekend of it, and plan to state your vows and intentions to each other again. Some people like to recreate parts of their wedding day by using the same songs, flowers and colour themes and others prefer to give everything a new and modern twist to suit the relationship that has evolved over the past 25 years.

If you choose to celebrate with family and friends, choose one of the great reception venues in Victoria where you can do it all. For example, renew your vows in an idyllic setting such as a vineyard, and then head into the restaurant at the cellar door for a big, sit down meal and celebration.

Renew your honeymoon

If 25 years ago you had not been in a position to take the long or exciting honeymoon of your dreams, now is your chance. Celebrate your 25th anniversary by taking a honeymoon that is the holiday of a lifetime for you both. Over the past 25 years there must be a destination that you have both discussed visiting but haven’t got to yet. Alternatively, take the honeymoon in the same place you took it the first time around and enjoy looking at the same sights as an older couple.

Throw a party

What better way to celebrate a silver jubilee than by throwing a party for all of your closest friends and relatives. Create a guest list, pick a theme for the party and send out the invites. You can hire a hall, a restaurant or even hold the party in your own home. Weddings are usually celebrated with family and friends so there is no reason why you can’t involve everyone in the anniversary celebrations as well. It is a great way to catch up with everyone again, especially the people you haven’t managed to see in years or ones that you have barely seen since the wedding in the first place! It also gives your children and grandchildren a great chance to join in the celebrations.

If you are planning on organising something for someone else’s silver anniversary, for example your parents, here are some ideas of what you can organise for them:

A special dinner

Choose a classy restaurant and make reservations for your mum and dad – an intimate table for two. Tell them to dress up for the occasion and really enjoy themselves. You can even call ahead and arrange for a bottle of their favourite wine to be waiting on their table for when they arrive.

If a classy restaurant isn’t in the budget, why not bring the restaurant to them? Prepare a special dinner for them in the comfort of their own home, lighting candles, playing soft music and opening a bottle of wine. Get your kids to dress up and be the special waiters for the night and whip up the tastiest recipe you know.

Create a special present

This one will take quite a bit of planning in advance. If you know your parents are approaching their silver anniversary, why not make them a really special present? Go through all of their old photos, videos and memorabilia boxes and see what you can find that you know will mean a lot to them both. You can put it all together in a scrapbook that takes them through the years, from the wedding, through the birth of their children and buying their first home all the way up until the present day. Stick all kinds of memorabilia in there as well as photos, such as lace from the wedding dress or ticket stubs from movies they saw together.

If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, compile all of the photos and videos together into one big video for them. Put it to music and play it to them on their anniversary night. There won’t be a dry eye in the house as they watch their 25 years of marriage played out on the small screen in front of them.