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Five Things to Consider When Planning an Away Wedding

Planning a wedding is so much fun, and planning one that is away from where you live can be even more exciting. You get the double bonus of celebrating your special day, as well as having a mini holiday with your closest family and friends! But it does take a little more thought and co-ordination to plan an ‘away’ wedding, so it helps to have an all inclusive wedding package to help make things run smoothly. Here are some other things to consider to get you started:


If you’d like to hold your wedding somewhere away from where you live, you’ll need to take accommodation into consideration – for you and your guests.

Usually you can choose a venue that can cater for the wedding as well as the accommodation which can make things a lot easier. For example, if you live in Sydney and plan to get married in Melbourne, you can search for all inclusive wedding packages in Melbourne and have both the wedding and the lodging sorted in one hit.

If the wedding venue doesn’t have accommodation on site, it is a good idea to search for other options around the area and send the information to your guests. This way, they will know which hotels are nearby your reception and won’t accidentally book something that is miles away.

Weather and Climate

As with all holidays, you need to take the climate at the destination into consideration. For example, February might be a lovely month in Melbourne, but in Brisbane it is sticky and humid and might not be the temperature that you wish to wear a heavy gown or suit in.

It is easy to find information about weather on the internet, but it’s a great idea to actually call the local tourist office to get their opinion. These people live and work in the area, so who better to get tips and inside information than from the locals themselves!


Transport is going to be an important aspect of your away wedding, as it will affect each and every person attending. In fact, it will also affect whether they will be attending at all!

It’s your big day, and you are well within your rights to hold your wedding wherever you’d most like it to be. But if some of your guests aren’t able to be there, you need to decide if the day will still be just as special if some of your nearest and dearest are absent. If the wedding requires a long road trip or flying, your elderly relatives may not be able to make the big trek.

You will also need to take into account your friends finances. Not every single one of them of course, but if there are people who you simply cannot imagine getting married without, you’ll need to know if they are in a position to take time off work, and pay for transport and accommodation as well.

Another mode of transport some people need to think about is how to get guests to and from the wedding venue, if they are staying far away from it. Some couples decide to hire a bus to shuttle the guests from a pick up point to the venue and back. This will mean that guests who are unfamiliar with the area won’t have to worry about directions or parking, and can instead relax and have a fun time.

Plan the whole weekend

Wedding days are so much fun, but they fly by so quickly and often the bride and groom feel like they didn’t get to spend as much time with each of their guests as they would have liked. That is why an away wedding can be so much fun, you have an entire weekend to catch up with people instead of just one day.

If you’d like to make a holiday of it, why don’t you plan some other activities for you and your guests to enjoy over the weekend. You could all enjoy a winery tour, a game of golf or visit a day spa. If you don’t think you’ll have the time to join in the activities before the big day, you can add some tourist brochures to your guest’s invitation package to get them really excited for a weekend away.

Have an onsite co-ordinator

Organising an event from far away comes with it’s challenges. That is why it is a great idea to make sure your all inclusive wedding package comes with an onsite co-ordinator. Even the most organised bride and groom can benefit from a helping hand, especially from someone who is at the venue and can do the things you aren’t physically able to do yourself. On the day, having a co-ordinator making sure things are running smoothly is a godsend, and is just one more thing that will help make your day the most enjoyable it can be.