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Planning a garden wedding in Victoria

There is something so magical about a garden wedding in Victoria. The sounds of nature, the flowers and the fairy lights all combine to create a wedding wonderland. But for something that looks so simple and natural, planning a garden wedding actually takes a lot of preparation. You need to take a lot of things into account such as bathrooms, electricity supply, permits, and shelter from the elements if needed. That is why it can make a lot of sense to choose from existing garden wedding venues in Victoria that have already organised all of this, rather than choosing a spot that has never been used for a wedding before. Better yet, if you choose a place that has a beautiful garden as well as a reception venue attached you won’t have to worry about hiring tables, linen and cutlery as it will all be provided. Here are some more tips to help you plan your garden wedding.

Have a Plan B

It’s the most obvious thing that springs to mind when planning an outdoor garden wedding, and the biggest fear of all brides; what if it rains? No matter what time of year you are planning to get married, it is always wise to have a plan B in case of rain. If you are hosting your reception in a venue under cover, the best back up plan is to hold the ceremony there as well.

But what about when the weather is bad, but isn’t bad enough to require moving the entire wedding location? It pays to be prepared. If you suspect it will be cold, a nice touch is to place spare scarves, rugs or gloves in baskets so that guests who are a bit chilly can rug up while they watch you exchange vows. Outdoor portable heaters can also help as well as umbrellas in case of light rain. For warmer weather, place sunscreen bottles in easy to access areas, parasols for protection from the sun and make sure there is plenty of water to go around.


Being outdoors means there is more chance that the vows you painstakingly worked on might get carried off by the wind, and never heard by your guests. If people can’t hear what is happening, they are more likely to lose focus and start murmuring amongst themselves. Avoid this by having a mic clipped on to the both of you, or have the celebrant hold a microphone throughout the ceremony. Place speakers throughout the garden so everyone can hear.

Hire an expert

You only plan a handful of big events in your life, but a wedding planner or event organiser plans hundreds. This means they are aware of all of the pitfalls or shortcuts. For example, they will know exactly where to place the chairs for guests, the best wet weather option for the local area and whether you need to know about any permits, soft ground that high heels might sink into or alcohol free zones. If you are having a garden wedding in a trusted wedding venue such as Glen Erin, you will have the services of an experienced co-ordinator as part of your package.


If you are getting married in a park or a public area, you might need a permit to use the space. There also may be rules for things such as whether alcohol can be consumed on location and what kind of confetti or rice can be thrown at the newlyweds. Avoiding public areas and getting married in private gardens will mean you don’t have to do any of this.

Photography and timing

Once you have chosen your venue, sit down and have a chat with your photographer before you lock in a time. If they have done plenty of local weddings they should know the best times to shoot a wedding in that location, in terms of sun positioning or sunset if that is what you want as your backdrop. They will also be able to give advice on which way to have the guests facing so that they aren’t staring straight into blinding sun.

Comfort for guests

It’s easy to get carried away thinking about the details of the ceremony and what the bride and groom will wear, but spare a thought for the comfort of your guests as well. A lot of guests will like to sit during the ceremony, especially if they are older or have high heels on, so plan for some seating in the gardens. Also make sure there is access to a bathroom nearby, whether it is in the reception venue or a close walk from the ceremony location.

A website

Although not strictly necessary, having your own website dedicated to your wedding can end up being a great way to get information out to your guests. Give them details such as what the ground will be like (i.e. what footwear would be appropriate), details on nearby accommodation or transport options, what you expect the weather to be like and what they should bring (a jacket or a hat) and it is also a great tool to communicate with guests if you wake up and discover torrential rain and need to give them a change of location plan.