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Reasons you should host a conference

Hosting a conference takes an investment of money and time, and also quite a bit of organising. So why do companies do it?

There are many reasons why hosting a conference might be the best idea for your company, here they are:


There is huge benefit from hosting an internal conference that is just for your staff. Finding the right conference venues in Victoria and booking a retreat will be so much more valuable than simply holding a staff meeting to motivate your team. There is nothing quite like the bonding that can happen over the course of a two-day (overnight) conference.

Getting staff away from the office environment and the stresses of work will help them relax, so they can enjoy team building exercises, bond with their peers and absorb the information you are sharing. Choosing a conference location such as Glen Erin will help put staff in a great, relaxed mind-frame before the conference has even kicked off.


There is also huge benefit from hosting a conference for external guests – people from outside of your company. A gathering of people from the same industry and with similar career goals can really help build a sense of community. This time together will allow everyone to make some great connections, ones that might develop further once the conference is over, which in turn will mean the community vibe will grow stronger. Hosting people within one industry can help the many individuals all feel like they are working towards the same goals for their trade, even when they are in direct competition with each other.

Staying on top of the competition

People want to attend conferences. They want to learn, meet other people and be the first to hear about product launches. These people, potential customers in many instances, will find and attend conferences whether your company is hosting them or not. If you don’t hold a conference but your competition does, you might end up losing out.


Training is important for any progressive company, and there is no better way to train staff than at a company conference. When employees are away from their desks or place of work, they can give 100% of their attention to the information being shared, and are more likely to absorb it.

Another way to make sure everyone is paying attention is to bring in some motivational speakers. A fresh, new presenter will be highly engaging and the audience will be engrossed in any training or sharing of statistics from the speaker.


Networking is essential in business, even internally at your own company. This is different from bonding, as people can make meaningful connections that will help in future business moves. It is not uncommon for people within one company to not know other people from different departments or at different levels. However, knowing people from all across the company can be beneficial to each person’s career.

For external conferences, networking can lead to sales, groups of likeminded people collaborating together or even people hooking up to become accountability partners. Many great new ideas and ventures have been born from networking.


A well-run conference, with the right speakers and the ideal format, can really bring about a great deal of positivity. A good conference should spark brainstorming and excitement and when this happens you will really feel the buzz within the room.

A conference shouldn’t be an event that people groan about having to attend or one that they get bored in, it should really generate forward-thinking, great ideas and lead people to feel like attending was well worth their time.


Different to the individual bonding that we mentioned earlier, a conference will also bring unity to a company. A conference can be a great platform for sharing the direction of a company for the next few years, or even a place to brainstorm together to decide on that direction. Everyone will feel like they are part of the plan for the company which will help them unite and work as one team.

With an external conference, people from one industry can all come together to help their trade move forward collectively.

Release news

A conference is the perfect opportunity to launch a new product to a captive audience. At a conference you have the time and the space to give in-depth knowledge on the new product, as well as generate some excitement about the launch.

Launching the product internally to your own staff, the ones who will be selling the product, is a great idea as they will all leave the conference feeling excited and positive about the product, as well as having a solid understanding of how it works.

Launching it externally to potential clients can generate a buzz within the right circles, which will help to really push your product out there.