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Six Tips for Planning a Vineyard Wedding near Melbourne

When it comes to wedding planning, the choice of venue is often one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Vineyards are a popular option, and make for memorable wedding photos and plenty of atmosphere. If you’re considering a vineyard wedding near Melbourne, there are a few things you need to think about.

  1.  Choose the perfect setting

One of the reasons vineyards tend to make such wonderful wedding locations is the atmosphere. Envisage rustic cellar doors between lush, rolling hills and charming country restaurants overlooking fields of vines. Obviously not all vineyards are the same, so it’s important to look at plenty of images when narrowing down your shortlist, and to visit the vineyards you have shortlisted.

An overnight stay can be a good idea, so that you can really get to know the venue and see what it’s like at different times of the day. Take a long walk around the vineyard, and speak to staff to ensure you know what spaces are available. Think about where you might hold the ceremony if you’re looking to have it on-site, and picturesque spots for the wedding photos. An established vineyard is likely to be a better option, and take into account added touches such as ponds, footbridges and panoramic views.

  1. Plan for the perfect time of year

Once you have the venue decided, it’s important to plan for the perfect time of year. Practically, this should be a time that suits you and your family, and when the vineyard is looking its best. Consider when the vines will be flourishing and flowers blooming, and remember climate (how warm or cool it’s likely to be, and the average chance of sun or rain at that time of year). While a spring wedding is always gorgeous and summer nuptials are ever popular, a winter wedding in a beautiful vineyard can be just as spectacular, with misty days and verdant green fields.

  1. Ensure the accommodation is just right

If you have guests travelling long distances for your wedding, or your ceremony is later in the day, pick a venue that has suitable accommodation and facilities such as parking and a pool. Check the availability of rooms on your big day, and look at your guest list to see if there will be anyone who has specific requirements. Consider if family suites are available, if wheelchair access is required, and think also about ease of access in general for older or less mobile guests.

  1. Remember the restaurant

The wedding feast is central to any wedding, so make a point to visit the vineyard restaurant before booking to sample the food and discuss possible menu options. Check if the chef is available to make your wedding cake, or if you will need to supply it separately. You might see if your chosen venue has a dedicated room for weddings, or if weddings are generally held in the main restaurant.

Look at options for the seating set up and definitely consider decorating styles. Above all, look for a restaurant with atmosphere and quality food, and ensure it has a variety of available menus to suit your preferred wedding style and guest tastes.

  1. Consider convenience

The right vineyard venue not only needs to provide a picturesque wedding backdrop, wonderful food and quality accommodation; it also needs to be convenient. Think about the proximity to Melbourne and transport options to ensure all guests can make it to the venue with minimal fuss. You might also look at the local area to see if there is plenty to entertain guests before and after the wedding. Destinations such as the stunning Lancefield and Macedon Ranges region tick all the right boxes, being in easy driving distance from Melbourne, and home to spectacular scenery and charming villages with antique and gift stores, local galleries, buzzing cafes and farmers’ markets.

  1. Look for quality and experience

The best vineyard weddings are created by those with experience. In addition to quality food and accommodation, professionalism is paramount, which is why it also pays to choose a venue with plenty of experience in hosting weddings. At Glen Erin, we can help you create your perfect wedding. We provide a range of wedding packages to ensure the planning is as simple and stress-free as possible, and we understand that it’s vital to get it just right.

So if you’re ready to start planning your vineyard wedding close to Melbourne, why not get in touch? We’d love to help you create the most beautiful wedding in one of the most stunning destinations in Victoria.