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The benefits of hiring a wedding co-ordinator

Hiring a wedding co-ordinator may sound like a huge extravagance; another cost to add to what is already fast becoming an expensive day. But if done right, a wedding co-ordinator can actually save you money. Not only that, but the right wedding co-ordinator will also save you time and stress – two very important things to keep under control when it comes to the big day!

So how exactly does a wedding co-ordinator save you time, money and stress? We tell you how:


It seems like an odd concept, spending money in order to save it, but that is exactly what will happen if you hire the right wedding planner in Melbourne, or any place that you are having your wedding.

First off they will stick to your wedding budget – truly. Staying within budget can be hard for the bride and groom-to-be, as they have an emotional attachment to the wedding. Because of this, they are more likely to be swayed by an amazing invitation that is a ‘tad over-budget’ or the great decorations that will cost ‘just a little more’. But a professional co-ordinator will stay focussed on the big picture. They will also have a solid understanding of just how much of the budget should be spent where – so you won’t end up with over-the-top expensive bombonieres and then have to cut budget on everything else.

And while wedding planners know exactly what kind of budget breakdown you should be working towards, they also know all of the right places to spend the money. As they live and breath weddings, they get to know all of the best deals around and they will certainly know if someone is trying to charge a higher amount for a product or service. Forget trawling around for the best deals, your wedding planner will know exactly where to go straight up.

And as they swing a lot of business towards the vendors they work with the most, you can be sure they’ll be getting the best deals around.


The average bride-to-be will spend around 200-300 hours planning her wedding day. That is a lot of hours, even stretched out over a year. Especially when those hours need to be fit around a full time job, plus all of the usual social engagements and family commitments that come with life. If you hire a wedding co-ordinator, the hours you spend planning will be reduced dramatically, saving you literally hundreds of hours.

If you decide to have an ‘away wedding’ – one that is held away from where you live – you will need to travel to the destination occasionally to work on planning the details of your wedding. This might not be possible for you – time wise or money wise – and so a co-ordinator can step in and really help. They will be on the ground locally where the wedding is going to take place and can do all of the running around for you. Instead of taking weekend road trips or plane flights to the destination, you will simply just need to pick up the phone to your wedding planner in Melbourne for any queries you have. Also, having a local planner will save you time as they will know exactly where to source things and which suppliers to talk to, meaning you won’t need to be running around searching blindly for the right people to help you.


Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, which means you are meant to enjoy it. Taking as much stress out of the lead up to the day, and the on the day itself, will leave plenty of room to just have fun. The planner can take care of all of the organisation and stress for months before the big day, leaving the bride and groom-to-be plenty of time to get on with their lives or focus on the areas they want to experience, such as pampering before the day! Then, when the big event arrives the planner will be making sure the whole day runs smoothly. Knowing that someone is in charge of any last minute dramas means the bride and groom can focus on each other and their guests.

And finally, a huge benefit of hiring a wedding co-ordinator is that they know what they are doing. They have all of the checklists, the contacts, the knowledge and the experience to know when they are not getting the best deal or quality. They will also know the exact timeline they should be working to, meaning they won’t miss out on the great band because they booked too late or forget to order the invitations in time.

Make sure you don’t keep yourself awake at night worrying about everything that needs to get done and hire a wedding co-ordinator instead!