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What Makes The Best Conference Venues in Victoria?


Finding the perfect conference venue can be a challenge and it is a decision that needs to be made carefully. Whether you are arranging a large corporate event or something more low key, your chosen venue should be flexible and able to accommodate the needs of your attendees and speakers.

Australia is often considered to be an ideal venue for international conferences as it offers a range of unique opportunities and plenty of great locations. If you are planning a conference in Victoria, there are a number of features that are shared by outstanding conference venues in Victoria, and these should be taken into consideration when you are making your choice.


If you want to inspire and impress your guests, you need to make sure your conference venue has the right setting. A corporate retreat won’t live up to its name if it is held in a busy industrial or urban area with noise and distractions visible out of every window. Peaceful surroundings and stunning scenery can help your guests focus and provide them with a relaxing and productive environment. Glen Erin at Lancefield is a popular conference venue in Victoria for this reason, and their team is known for the high standard and quality of its service and facilities.


Your guests will probably be travelling to attend your conference, possibly from overseas, so it is important to ensure that your chosen venue is easy to find and access, and has ample parking facilities. In addition to being able to reach the venue itself, what about shops? Will your guests be able to purchase any essential items nearby with relative ease, or will they have to travel a long way?


Having an on-site restaurant allows attendees the chance to mingle in a less formal atmosphere. When it comes to making a good impression, the more high quality the food and atmosphere, the better. Don’t forget breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea as well as lunch and dinner.

Functional space

Depending on the size of your conference and the number of attendees you will have a certain requirement for dedicated functional space. Make sure your venue has access to all the technology you will need which may include Wi-Fi, audio visual equipment and office space. Dedicated secretarial services can be an attractive bonus.

Along with equipment, you will need rooms with desks and chairs as well as notepads and pens for attendees.


If the conference is a residential one, you will want your guests to be comfortable, particularly if they have travelled a long way. Luxury accommodation can help your guests feel pampered and taken care of and make the experience one they are likely to want to repeat.

Victoria is a popular destination for conferences as it combines accessibility with stunning scenery. Whatever your conference needs, Glen Erin can offer you superior facilities, food and accommodation along with dedicated facilitators

As one of the most sought after conference venues in Victoria, Glen Erin prides itself on its high quality facilities and superior service. They can offer exclusive access for corporate retreats and a number of different conference packages depending on the size and your individual requirements.